Dear Bob,
I wanted to send you a note about the way that you have treated me since the first time I brought my 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX to you for servicing. My first problem was a "check engine" light which kept coming on. You were able to diagnose an air leak in the fuel system and repair it for a very reasonable price. The light has not come back on. On Feb. 4th I brought the car in because of a loud humming sound at highway speed which after a test drive you and I both thought might be a wheel bearing about to go. I was psychologically prepared for a substantial bill to replace the wheel bearing and hoping that there were no other parts damaged. I was quite surprised when you called to tell me that you had found an axle nut that was loose and adjusted it to the proper torque according to Subaru factory specifications. The noise is now gone and I no longer have the worry of a wheel possibly seizing up or even falling off.
There are many auto service shops around that would have just replaced the wheel bearing even knowing that it didn't actually need to be replaced, just to get the money from the customer. You did the work that needed to be done to fix the problem.
My approach to finding a good place to have my car serviced has always been to find a combination of a place that does good work mechanically and that I can trust to be honest with me. I have obviously found the right shop for me. If I have anyone ask me where to have their foreign car serviced I'll enthusiastically suggest
Helmut's Foreign Car Service for excellent mechanical work and integrity that is unusual in today's marketplace. Yours Truly, J. K. Hannon (Orange, CT)

Dear Bob,

     My husband and I want to thank your again, for getting our eleven year old Lexus up and running in time for us to make our car reservation on the ferry to Martha's Vineyard, a few weeks back.  The car is running beautifully and that's great.  We will be seeing you for maintenance from now on.  Yours Gratefully, The Lawrences (Stratford, CT)

Dear Bob,

​     Thank you so much for helping me out yesterday with my brake light.  Please enjoy a cup of coffee on me.  It's not everyday someone helps you without asking for anything in return.  You made my day.  Thank you!!  Regards, S. Nealy

Dear Bob,

     It was nice to meet you in person. Thank you again for repairing my wife's Z3.  The car used to have a noise in the drivetrain, but I have noticed that is now gone as well.  You are everything that Rick said, and I am very glad to have made your acquaintance.  If the Z or any other European vehicle I buy ever needs service in the future, my first call will be to Helmut's.  My best to John, your wife and you.​  Sincerely, C. Yohe

​Hi Bob,

​     After the good outcome with SOA, and Premier Subaru I wrote a letter to Bob Alvine thanking them for all their help. I received a reply to my letter from Bob Alvine.  He obviously thinks very highly of you and Helmut.  Thank you again for your advice to appeal the situation to SOA.  I was skeptical but to my surprise they stepped up to the plate when they could have played hardball.  It surely will make a difference when it's time to purchase another car.  Yours Truly, J.K. Hannon (Orange, CT)

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